Oak City Cares will be Wake County’s first Multiservices Center – opening in April, 2019

Oak City Cares will act at the primary downtown Access Site and resource hub for anyone wishing to engage in services or connect to resources. The multiservices center aims to connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis to necessary and appropriate resources as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The new Center will provide coordinated access to the countywide homeless services system during weekdays, along with access to other resources, showers, and laundry. Creating a central location for services eliminates the stress of traveling to multiple destinations and quickly triage’s someone to the right provider, based on a conversation of need and choice. On weekends, a section of the Center will be open to provide food distribution and other activities by private, charitable organizations. The setup will be similar to that of the Oak City Outreach Center.

See below for photos from the groundbreaking of the Multiservices Center.