There is currently no single location in Wake County where individuals can learn about, and be directed to, multiple avenues of assistance.

While collaboration among service providers is common, there is no direct and clear access point for consumers to learn about all available resources, or for providers to connect consumers to services. There is no uniformity in assessment procedures. Individual clients seeking services may be assessed multiple times, which is an inefficient use of their time and agency staff time. There is also limited sharing of electronic data since many service providers do not use HMIS (Homeless Management Information System).

The new Center will provide coordinated access to the countywide homeless services system during weekdays. The well-trained and knowledgeable intake coordinators will assess  each  person’s  most  immediate needs and create a file on the client in HMIS. The intake coordinator will inform the client of service and assistance options available to them with clarity, dignity, and integrity. The centralized services and coordination of resources will alleviate the burden on the client of having to navigate the system on their own. On weekends, a section of the Center will be open to provide food distribution and other activities by private, charitable organizations. The setup will be similar to that of the Oak City Outreach Center.

See below for photos from the groundbreaking of the Multiservices Center.